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How to Create Admin Accounts



District Admins and School Admins have the privilege to create additional accounts for their district.

A District Admin can create the following accounts:

  • other district admins
  • school admins
  • teachers
  • students

A School Admin can create the following accounts:

  • other school admins
  • teachers
  • students


Here is how:

1. Go to the Manage District or Manage School tab on the left side navigation bar.

2. Select Users

3. Select District Admin, School Admin, Teachers or Students sub-tabs

4. Select blue button to Add

5. Fill out the information required. 


Teachers Switching to Admin Roles

If a user already has a teacher account and needs to be added as an admin, the first step is to Deactivate the current account then add the user to the new role.   On the same Users tab, select the account by placing a check mark next to the name, then in the right drop down box select Deactivate.  

Please Note: It is important to remember, if you deactivate a teacher account, all of the data will be lost. This includes all data and assessments from their private account. 

Next you will add the user to the new role.  Remember, only School Admins can add other School Admins or teachers.  District Admins must add other District Admins.



**If a teacher needs to keep their data and assessments in their teacher account, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager for further instructions. 


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