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Navigating the Assessments Tab


The Assessments tab is where a teacher will find recent activities and assignments.  At the top level, teachers can see overall status of each assessment and perform several actions.

To get to a deeper level, teachers can drill down to details about each class that has been assigned the assessment.  This is where teachers will access the Live Class Board.


The following actions can be performed from the Assessments tab:

Filter for Assessments

There are three filters at the top of the page.  

Assigned to my Classes: Click on this option to see your assigned assessments. This is where you will be able to check the status of the assessment, classes on the assessment, and see the Live Class Board.

Recent: Click on recent to see all of the recent activity. Includes drafts, assignments, and recently published.

My Assessments: My assessments are assessments specifically created by you. These assessments can be organized and moved into folders. Read below to find out how.


Organize Assessments

My Assessments link will give teachers a quick view of all assessments the teacher has created, published, co-authored, assigned, etc.  

To organize this list, teachers can create folders.  

To create a folder,  select New.

Name the folder and select Create.



Move assessments to the proper folders by placing a check mark next to assessment name and selecting Move to Folder.

The three dots to the far right of the screen are the Actions list.  From the Actions list, teachers can assign, duplicate, print, and send to Google Classroom among other things.


Drill Down to Class Level

Next, click on the Assessment title to go to a list of classes that have been assigned the assessment.  Screen_Shot_2019-06-24_at_4.43.09_PM.png

Here you will see the status of each class.


To perform an action for a particular class, put a check mark next to the class and:

Open, pause, close and mark an assessment as “done”.  

Select Responses to go to Live Class Board.

Generate a bubble sheet to be used with SnapScore  

Under More Options, release or withhold scores and download responses

 Click on class name to go to the Live Class Board.


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