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What is a course?


Course Definition

The dictionary meaning of course is also applicable to Edulastic. 

In Edulastic, a course is a unit of study that has specific learning objectives or a set of learning standards that students must become proficient during the school term or school year. Edulastic requires a course to be associated with a class. Examples of course could be:

  1. Algebra 1
  2. Math 8
  3. 8th Grade English Honors

Edulastic requires course association for the following reasons:

  1. Precise delivery of assessments to classes e.g. send an Algebra - 1 assessment to grade 7 honors class using “Algebra -1” course association with the class
  2. Reporting of assessment results
  3. Suggestion of content

Courses in Class Creation:

Courses are required during class creation. However in most cases, we create a class behind the covers for you using your Grade and Subject information. However if you are a Clever synced district or an Enterprise district, the master list of courses for your district are imported from your SIS. Teachers can select the course when they create the classes for the first time. Grade, Subject, Standard and Course for a class can be changed anytime


District Course Management

Courses are automatically created on roster sync (Clever or Roster Upload). District or school admins can create courses. They can also change the  Grade, Subject and Standards for any course using district or school settings.

Using courses to Assign

Courses can be used when selecting classes for sending assessments.


Who creates the courses?

Course definition and usage is different for Edulastic Enterprise and non-Enterprise use. 




Non Enterprise


Who creates the courses

Teachers: A default course for the grade and subject is automatically created.

District Admin or School Admin can define a course OR course data is synced from the SIS

SIS Sync


Yes - Possible using Clever or Roster Upload

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