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Assessment Tab for Admin Accounts


The following feature was released in August 2018.


Assessments Tab

The Assessment tab lists all Common Assessments the admin has created, published and assigned. This page is organized by Assessment.  Click on Assessment name to see the list of classes the assessment was assigned to.


At the top the Recent link is a filter for all recent assessments.

My Assessments is a folder where all of the assessments are stored.  Admins can organize the list of assessments by creating folders and moving assessments to the new folders. 

To create a folder: Select New, name the folder, select Create.  

To move assessment: place a check mark next to assessment name, select Move to Folder.



Admins can also assign, duplicate, preview and view responses directly from this page.

To see a list of classes that were assigned the assessment, click on the assessment name. 




Here you will see the status of each class.  To see the Live Class Board, select the name of the class.



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