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Self-Rostering vs. Clever Sync: How to Choose the Right Option


If your entire school or several schools in your district will be using Edulastic, we recommend choosing Clever for roster management. However Clever may not be an ideal choice for you for a variety of reasons:

  1. Teachers are already using Google Classroom and comfortable with it
  2. SIS data is inaccurate or is set up with overly complicated class names
  3. District does not use Clever for any other applications
  4. District level sync in the middle of the school year could be disruptive
  5. Only few teachers in the district use Edulastic 
  6. The district is relatively small and teachers are concentrated at one or two schools

If you are in one or more of the above situations, self-rostering by teachers is a viable option. Here are the steps.


Admin Set Up

As an admin, you will prepare the district for the rostering policies. These are the steps:

  1. Customize district page: This ensures a more district specific login and signup. Please ensure students and teachers sign up through this page. This will also ensure teachers create account in the correct school district. 
  2. Finalize district policies: Decide how student and teacher accounts should be created. You can define policies to restrict access to certain group of users. Read our article on securing district or school level access. 

  3. Add schools: Most schools are already present. Verify the schools in your district are added and are correct.  If not, you can add/remove/edit the schools.


 Option 1: Admin Rosters Teachers and Students

  1. Create Student Accounts: If you are using Google or O365, simply copy and paste student emails.  This happens in the Manage District, Users, Students section. Go to Actions and select Upload Multiple Students. Their account will get created immediately. This step is optional. If you want teachers to add student accounts, you can skip it.
  2. Add Courses: Download template, fill data and upload

  3. Invite Teachers: Copy paste teacher emails. This will send email invite to them to create an account.


Option 2:  Teacher Creates Account and Rosters Students

Alternatively, teachers can create their own account, add classes and add students. Here are the steps for them:

  1. Create account: Ensure the correct school is selected. If you are using district page, only the schools in the district will be suggested. Please select the correct school.  Login Instructions
  2. Create classes: Create classes or sync from Google classroom. Detailed instructions.

  3. Add students: There are three ways to add students. 
    • Using Google Classroom, teachers can sync with the class code
    • Add Multiple Students at once by copy-pasting the student emails or names. The student accounts will be created (if they do not already exist). If the student already exists with the same email they will simply be added to the new class.   
    • Add students one at a time

For specific details on how to enroll students, watch the  Video: Enroll Students or share the article How to Enroll Students with your teachers. 


















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