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How to Enroll Students


To add students to your class you can choose from one of several ways:

-Sync with Google Classroom
-Manually Upload students as a class or individually
-Give students the Class Code


First, go to Manage Class. It is last icon in the dark gray, on the left. 


(1) Sync With Google Classroom

The Sync with Google Classroom option allows you to share an Edulastic assignment in your Google Classroom feed. When students click on the feed, the Edulastic assessment opens in a new window with the students automatically logged on. Students do not need to navigate to Edulastic’s site, nor remember a separate password.

-Edulastic teacher account must use Google Classroom email address.

-To sync your Google Classroom click the Google Classroom icon in the top right of screen. Select your school google account and enter your Google Classroom Class Code.

Only one Edulastic class may be synced with a Google Classroom class (1:1 relationship), although you can sync as many different Edulastic classes with a single GC class.  This is useful for elementary levels who have one GC class code but in Edulastic have a math, ELA, science, etc. classes. 

Next, specify grade and subject for each class you are syncing.

Select Import.

Whenever students join or leave your class, you can click the same Google Classroom button to resync and update your roster

(2) Manually Upload Students

A teacher can add multiple students at once or add students individually.

-Upload multiple students at one time from an excel file, word document, notepad, etc., click “Add Multiple Students.”


-From the dropdown box, select the format in which you want to upload the roster.  Your choices are by Google usernames, Office 365 usernames, first and last name, or last then first name.

-If you don't use Google or Office 365 emails, you can also add students by their school email in the exact same way. After they are added, you will need to update the password for the student. You can do this by proxying into the student account using the View as Student feature.

 Paste the student names. Click Add Students. The usernames will be automatically generated and your class roster will be populated.   


-The Edulastic class code (found in the upper right corner) will be used as default password for these students, please ask the students to change their password once they login to their account. 

-If you want to add a single student, select the “+ Add Student” button to the left of the Multiple Students button and follow the prompts. This allows you to add an individual and assign a username and password.

A note about teachers manually setting up accounts using first/last or last/first names:

If you are a middle school or high school teacher where students will be a member of several teachers’ classes, it is most efficient to have the students create their own account and add the class code for each of their classes.  This ensures the student will have one user id and can access all of their Edulastic assignments from one dashboard. (See instructions below.) 


(3) Students Use Class Code

Students need their own accounts. They can join your class by using the class code. This is a one time process. Once students have an Edulastic account, they can join multiple classes by clicking Add Class and entering those class codes.


-The class code is located in the top right corner of the class description.  Teachers go to Manage Class and click on the class name to get the class code. 

-Students go to and sign up just like you did with username and password OR Sign up with Google. They will be prompted to provide the class code in either scenario.  Students don’t need email addresses – just a unique username.


-Students can also enter the class code from their Manage Class tabs.


Once your rosters are loaded, you are ready to assign.

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