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Edulastic 2020: What Happened to My Classes from Last Year?

Over the summer, any class with an end date prior to or around mid July will be automatically archived by Edulastic's support team.  The information is not deleted and can be accessed at any time, by using the pull down boxes that indicate Active vs Archive or reference the previous school years, as many of the reports do.
To access the class data, your teachers just need to go to their Manage Class tab, and select Archived Classes.
To find data from previous years' classes, go to Reports, select Report, Refine Results, select year.
You can also find data from the Assignments tab. Click on the green filter icon then use the filters to find the proper school year.
If the class is still current and active, you can have it restored by emailing our support team at  Please provide the class code and the teacher username.
Please note: when creating a class, teachers can set the end date for each class to any day that works best for their school calendar. 
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