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Manage Your Assessment - Open, Close, & Pause



Question:  How do teachers manually close an assessment?

Answer: The simplest way to open or close an assessment marked as Manually Open/Close is to go to the Assessments tab and click on the name of the assessment. 
This reveals the classes that have been assigned the assessment.
Next, place a check mark next to one or more classes and select Open or Close.  Close will be on the top row above class list, Open is in the More Options pull down box.   
The teacher can also close, pause and open the assessment from the Live Class Board, in the top right corner. 

A further note about Closed status:
When closed, the students can no longer access the assessment unless it is redirected by the teacher.  Another option a teacher has is to Pause and Resume assessment.  Pause is useful if you want the students to finish the assignment at a later time but NOT have access outside of class.  Pause locks down the assessment until it is opened again by the teacher.

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