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We are a Clever Synced district. Can we use Google Classroom and Google SSO with Edulastic?


If you are Clever synced district it is possible to use sign in using Google or Office 365 (also known as Google Single Sign On (SSO) or Office 365 SSO).

If you also use Google classroom, you can also post announcements or assignments to your Google classroom classes using Edulastic. 

That being said, we do not recommend using Clever sync (district level Clever integration or Library integration) with Google Classroom sync. You do NOT want two syncs going simultaneously. The Clever sync pushes updates to your Edulastic account. This happens every 24 hours, approximately. If you pull in data from Google classroom with a sync it will interfere with the Clever push and you run the risk of creating duplicate accounts for all of your students.

The following table summarizes the options available to you for rostering teachers and students in Edulastic.


Rostering using Clever Sync




No Google or O365 SSO

  • Edulastic creates usernames
  • Teachers manage class rosters
  • Clever Single Sign On
  • Rosters are synced with SIS using Clever

Google SSO or O365 SSO

  • Google /O365 Single Sign On
  • Teachers manage class rosters
  • Clever SSO or Google/O365 SSO
  • Rosters are synced with SIS using Clever
  • Posting assignment on Google classroom is possible

Google Classroom Sync

  • Google Single Sign On
  • Teachers import rosters from Google classroom

Not Recommended



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