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How Admins Can Create Teacher Accounts


District Admins and School Admins have the privilege to create additional accounts for their district.

A District Admin can create the following accounts:

  • other district admins
  • school admins
  • teachers
  • students

A School Admin can create the following accounts:

  • other school admins
  • teachers
  • students


Here is how:

1. Go to the Manage District or Manage School tab on the left side navigation bar.

2. Select Users

3. Select District Admin, School Admin, Teachers or Students sub-tabs

4. You can choose to add one user at a time by selecting the blue "+Add _" button.

Fill out the information required.


To add multiple users at once, go to the Actions drop down box and select the appropriate option.  


When adding multiple teachers, the option is to invite them via email to complete the registration, and enter their own password.  However, for adding multiple students or other admins, the admin can create the entire account including username and password.

If you receive a message that the user account already exists, that account needs to be deactivated before using the same username for a new role (e.g. from teacher to Admin).

Deactivate the account using the Actions drop down box. 




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