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Admin Solutions: Help! My teachers' classes all have different names.

How to Correct or Modify  Courses and Classes
As teachers create and name their own classes without direction from the school or district, it is likely the admin will confront lists of vague and unidentifiable classes when assigning common assessments.  Teachers can easily rename their classes, or it can be more efficient for an admin to do it. 

Here are the steps for an admin to correct class name issues.

Go to the Manage School or Manage District tab.  School admins can only modify classes for their school, District admins can modify all.
Go to Classes tab and, using filter boxes, search on class name.  Place a check mark next to the class or classes you need to edit. 
Then from drop down box, select Edit Class or, you can select Bulk Edit to modify more than one class.  
Next, change the name, course name, etc. to match your naming conventions and select Save.
NOTE:  This will not affect the assignments that are currently assigned. You will simply notice the new class name will be reflected in the assignments list.  
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