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Detailed Descriptions of Premium Assign Options


Assign An Assessment

  • When you create an assessment, you can assign your new assessment right away or save it for later (finding it again under My Assessments).  Select Publish or Assign button


  • Select when you want the assignment to be available for students to take by inputting the start date and due date. You can even assign a time that it will be open and closed.
  • Select how to Open and Close the assessment.   The assessment can be available immediately on the opening date, or you can manually open it in class.  You can also choose for it to automatically close, or you can manually mark as done.

  • Select which class(es) you want to assign to by placing a check mark next to the classes. You can select a whole class or individual students.


  • Premium or Enterprise subscribers will have access to additional features for assigning.  These include options like releasing of scores, shuffle questions and show calculator, assign password, etc.  These are located in the Super Powers section.


  • Finally, if desired, you can choose the criteria to determine mastery and proficiency for this assignment. You can also set a standards based grading scale for your assignments.  Premium and Enterprise subscribers will see more options for setting proficiency levels.


  • When you have set the assign options, select Assign in the top right corner.


Next you will want to view the students’ progress via the Live Class Board.  You can access this through the Assessments tab.

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