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SnapQuiz- Turn a Paper Based Assessment to Digital


SnapQuiz is like a bridge between paper and pencil assignments and digital assignments. It allows you to upload an assessment in PDF form into Edulastic and “add” Edulastic’s digital questions on top of the picture of your assignment. 

The SnapQuiz Video will give you a visual tutorial of the steps.  The description below summarizes of the process.  


  • Go to the Dashboard and click on the + or go to the Assignments Tab and click Create New Assignment.  
  • Select SnapQuiz and upload a PDF version of your assignment from your computer or Google Drive.



  • The PDF version can have any number of pages, you are not limited to one. 


  • Once it is uploaded, you’ll see a picture of your assessment.  To create the questions and answers, click on the question type once and then click the corresponding number or location on your document.  


  • Click once on the multiple choice question type and then click the spot on your document where you want to place the question type.  


  • Next, the question number will appear along with an editor box. Select the correct answer, adjust the point value and modify the letter choices (e.g. ABCD or EFGH, etc) if necessary.  You can drag the edge of the number to relocate it to another place on your document by selecting the drag tool.


  • The trick with this is to make sure you are not covering any part of the question or answer.  You can preview the assessment to verify the placement of the answer by selecting View as Student in top right of screen.



  • Next, review your assessment.  Once you have placed your answer boxes, you can finalize your assessment by changing the name, adding standards, and deleting questions (click on the X next to the question).
  • You can also "bulk assign" one standard to many questions.  Place a check mark next to the questions then select Add Standard to Selected.


  • When finished, select Publish or Assign.





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