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SnapQuiz- Turn a Paper Based Assessment to Digital


SnapQuiz is like a bridge between paper and pencil assignments and digital assignments. It allows you to upload an assessment into Edulastic in PDF form or as a Google Doc, and then add different kinds of answer fields to accompany your assignment. 


In the main navigation bar, click either the Assignments or Test Library icon. 

Next, click the NEW TEST button in the upper left.


Click the SnapQuiz Create from PDF option.


The PDF version can have any number of pages, you are not limited to one. 

On the next screen, choose between uploading a PDF from your computer or from Google Drive, or an Answer Only Assessment. With Answer Only Assessments, teachers can create assessments from scratch or simple answer documents with answer fields only.


After uploading a PDF or Google Doc, a screen will open for you to name your new assessment.


Once named, click the WORKSHEET tab to see your uploaded document.


You may now begin marking up your document (tool set in red box), and adding your answer fields (tool set in green box).


As you add answer fields they will stack in the column to the right. Answer types available are 

  • Multiple Choice/Multiple Select
  • Text Entry (computer-graded)
  • Drop down
  • Math (with computer-graded options)
  • True/False
  • Essay


Click the REVIEW tab to see the test as a student would.


 Proceed to the SETTINGS tab to set testing preferences as you would any other Edulastic assessment, then Print, Share, Save, Publish or Assign as needed. Saving instead of publishing saves your assessment as a draft in your Test Library under "Authored by me."








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