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How to Find the Live Class Board


To access the Live Class Board, teachers or admins need to navigate to the Assessment, select the class, and finally select Responses.  Here is how to do that.


Start at the Assessments tab.

Go to "My Assessments" and click on the title of the assessment. This takes you to all of the classes that have been assigned this assessment (in the example below the title is Bubble Practice)

Alternatively, you can open the Actions drop down box and select Responses (both paths will take you to the next screen where you can select a particular class). 


Here the user will see a list of all classes that have been assigned the assessment.  If you are an elementary teacher, you may only see one class, a middle or high school teacher may see several periods, and an admin may see all classes in the school or district. 

 Click on the name of the class or select Responses to see that class's Live Class Board.




Once you are on the Live Class Board, you can access real-time data and a premium subscriber will also see the Express Grader and Report Card.  Here many other functions can also be performed such as redirect, download scores, etc.


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