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I Can't Assign or Share my Assessment



One of the many great features of Edulastic is the ability to share your assessments. Sometimes, however, the sharing of assessments can create complications.

This link will take you to the article about how to share an assessment to the School, District, or Public Library.


But you're probably here because the sharing levels are NOT available. Ok, let's explain why.

If you are not the owner/creator of a question, you are not guaranteed to be able to share it. If you are not the owner of a question and that question is made private, you have lost your access. If you are not the owner of a question and that question is deleted, you have lost your access.

Sometimes, the sharing level is obvious. 



Other times, it is not. If you don't see a sharing level, it is private.



What can be done?

To become the owner of a question, simply duplicate it. (Don't forget to delete the original or you'll have two of the exact same question.)


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