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Collaboration Groups - Share Assessment Data


Edulastic is all about helping teachers to collaborate using data. To that end, we offer Collaboration Groups.

Enterprise customers have access to creating Collaboration Groups to share data with other members of the district.  Edulastic Admins have permission to create a group.


First, Groups is for the sharing of reports only. If you want to share an assessment to be used with your colleagues, please see this article about adding a co-author or this one about sharing assessments to the school, district, or public library.

Groups are created using a school or district admin account.


Admin will select Manage School or Manage District from the left navigation menu.   Then, select Groups, and Collaboration Groups.


Admins will follow the prompts to Create New Group (see button in screenshot above), then name the group and finally add members.


When members are added, using the Actions drop down box, admins can add, remove, or add another user as an admin.



Once a user is added to a group, the Collaboration Group icon will appear on their navigation menu.  Teachers can see their groups by clicking on it.



Under Insights (reports tab), a teacher can find any report that has been shared with them.  

To share, a teacher simply clicks Share at the top of the Reports.



Teachers can share his/her own classroom data, whereas an administrator can share all data for an assessment for a school or district.  If your group is analyzing data across the school or district, it is more efficient to have an admin share the report with the group.



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