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How to Assign a Common Assessment



Note for Edulastic Admins:

If your teachers assign the exact same assessment to their classes, their data will populate separate reports. You will always have access to both reports but it will be TWO reports.

If you want to see data from, for example, both of your 5th grade teachers on a single report, you must assign the assessment from your admin account. Your teachers will still see their data as usual, but you'll be able to see data combined into one report.

How to Assign a Common Assessment

1. From a school or district admin account, select Library. You can search for the desired assessment in two ways:

Assessments Shared in the School/District Library


Assessments for which you are a co-author.



Hover over the picture, and then click Assign. You now have the option to set the parameters for this assessment:

-When the assessment opens and closes
-Which classes to assign it to
-Do students get to see their scores and/or the correct answers
-What are the Proficiency Bands and Standards Mastery scale scores.


The SuperPowers are a great way to set individual test settings to ensure test security or to add extra tools.




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