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New to Edulastic? Other useful resources


 Edulastic_logo_round_reg.png #1 Start with a Live Webinar

lightbulb.pngRegister for:  Edulastic 101 Live 

During this free and live webinar, a member of our Customer Success Team will:   show you how to create and assign an assessment, demonstrate the Assessment Library, share best practices, and remove obstacles that may be preventing you from starting.



Edulastic_logo_round_reg.png#2 Enhance Your Knowledge with Self Service Tools

Here is a downloadable reference guide that you can use to train your teachers or teachers can use to train themselves.   Make a copy and edit for your needs. 
Located on the Edulastic YouTube Channel this video series has short lessons (less than 5 minutes each) on each of the steps your teachers need to create an account, set up students and start assigning. 
Here teachers will find articles and webinars that walk through the steps of creating an account, creating classes and assigning assessments.  The tools also go into how to read the reports and analyze the data. 
Articles, videos and tutorials that can be accessed while teachers are in the application. Find this option in the lower left corner when you are logged into Edulastic and enter a key word to begin your search.

Edulastic_logo_round_reg.png#3 Join our Communities & Connect with other Teachers

Learn with and from other teachers in our active social media communities. Click the links below to participate.

#1 We have Twitter chats

#2 Facebook discussions about topics related to digital assessment and the classroom

#3 The Edulastic Blog is your connection to additional assessment tips and staying involved in our community happenings. 

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