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How to Modify a Shared Rubric


Edulastic users can share rubrics with colleagues in a district or with the whole Edulastic community.  

To use or modify an existing rubric, start with an Essay type question and select USE EXISTING RUBRIC



Next click on Use Existing Rubric and then enter a key word or author name. When you have identified a rubric to use, you can view it by clicking the View icon, and modify it by selecting the Clone icon.  This makes a private copy, or a new rubric, for you to use. Hover over the rubric to view the icons:



Once you have cloned the rubric, you may begin editing it by changing the name and description, and adding or removing criteria and ratings. When you a finished, click SAVE & USE.



Finally, when your rubric is saved, you can share it with others using the SHARE button.


The share button presents these choices:







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