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How can I Organize all of my Assessments?



I have dozens of assessments that I have created and used. How can I access them easily without going through all of my assessments?

Here is a couple of tricks for organizing your assessments.  Using all three of these in combination is an excellent time saver.


1) Start with Tags

Fill in the Tag field when creating questions and assessments.  The tags field allows you to search on a key word or phrase and identify a set of questions or assessments quickly. 

Choose phrases like "Semester 1 Quizzes" , "Fall Homework" etc.  You can add multiple tags to include subject matter, chapter, even skill set.    



You can also tag individual questions when you author your own.





2) Use Filters in Assessment Library

When filtering in the Assessment Library, you can save your filters for quick access the next time you need similar assessments.  This is where your Tags can be very helpful.

  • In the library select Authored by me, set the filters, enter Tags in the search bar.  
  • Next select Apply Filters to generate your assessments.  
  • Last save the filter so you can click on it in the future for quick access to those assessments.





3) Create Folders in your My Assessments tab

Even if it is the beginning of the school year, your My Assessment link can acquire quite a few entries making it painful to filter through.  To help organize, use Folders. 


  • Click on New Folder to create one
  • Name the folder
  • Place a check mark next to the assessments that should go in the folder
  • Select Move to Folder


You will be able to access the assessment and its data in the new folder.






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