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Assign Options to Increase Security



Below are the recommended settings for optimal exam security.  These settings will help prevent the temptation for students to cheat.


Testing Window:

Set Open and Close Policy at Manual so teacher has most control over when assessment is available to students.




Under Superpowers, you will want to consider these settings:


  • Release scores: keep off until all students have taken assessment or assessment is closed.
  • Show Questions to Students after Submission: should be turned off.
  • Shuffle Questions and Shuffle Answers:  turned on to create multiple versions of assessments eliminating the opportunity to look over the shoulder of a neighbor.
  • Require a Password:  enable this to set a password given to students while in class before opening exam.  Can not access exam without password.







Finally, a note about the Require Safe Exam Browser setting.

This is a feature that is set at a district level in cooperation with the district's Edulastic Customer Success Manager.  It requires configuring Safe Exam Browser on all student devices.  The Safe Exam Browser locks down the browser windows so students can not open another window during the assessment.  It requires a "quit password" that the teacher types in when students are finished.  This enables control so the student can not leave with the assessment still open, thus accessing answers outside of class. 

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