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Create Collaboration Groups to Share Data



Cross functional teams can join a Collaboration Group and share report data.

Enterprise customers have access to creating Collaboration Groups to share data with other members of the district.   District Admins have permission to create a group.  


To create a Collaboration Group, a District Admin goes to Manage District.  Select Groups.Screen_Shot_Manage_Groups_1.JPG


Next, select + Create Group button.



Name the Group.



Add members by selecting either the +Add Members or “Click here to add members”



You can choose from a pick list of members in the district, or search on a name.




Members selected will be automatically added to the group, there is no need to save.




Once the group is set up, any member can share data.  To share data, navigate to the Reports tab.  




Here you will find a “share” icon at the top of the screen.  All members of the group can select which reports they want to share- in others words members of the group will only see the reports a member has shared with the group.  

Select the Share button.



Select the group(s) to share the data.

To access the shared data, you will find the shared reports in a separate tab on the Reports section of Edulastic.  


Once you have been added to a group, you will see the Shared Reports Option on your Report tab.  You will also notice a new tab called Collaboration Groups after you have been added to a group.


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