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Restrict Access to Absent Students: Reduces Cheating Opportunities



Dealing with Absent Students During Open Testing Window

An absent student can potentially cheat by opening the assessment from home when teacher opens the assessment for the class.  

Here is the process that will disallow that, plus allow teachers to Redirect (reassign) to absent students when they return.


When Assigning, the assessments should be assigned as Manually Open by Teacher

At beginning of period, teacher identifies absent students.  Teacher goes to Edulastic and
"Opens"  Assessment. 


Immediately, teacher goes to the Live Class Board for that class (via More Options, or selecting Responses in three "action" dots to right of title, or by clicking on name of assessment).   While it is open, students technically have access so work quickly.


On the Live Class Board, select the absent students.  Next select "More" drop down box and Mark As Absent.



Now, those absent students are unable to click open the assessment.   The students who are present will be able to work.

At the end of the period, teacher checks Edulastic Live Class Board  to make sure all student assessments are in status of Submitted.

If student forgets, teacher selects students with a check mark, goes to More and Marks as Submitted


Teacher Pauses or Closes the assignment.
When absent students return, teacher goes to Edulastic, selects assessment and View Responses/Live Class Board.

Teacher selects student name by placing a check mark.  Then selects Redirect to give the absent student access.  

Teacher Opens (un pauses) the assessment and student (s) can begin working.  

If students have not finished assessment in allotted class time, the recommendation is to select Pause.

If it is a common assessment, at the end of the day/period an admin can check to make sure the class sections are all paused and not left open to students to access.  Admin does this by going into the assessment, and selects View Details on teacher's card (bottom right corner).


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