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2018 Back to School Release


Miscellaneous changes

Allow rubric to be shared at public level also ($)

    • Any rubric can now be shared at public level also by the author of the rubric.


Co-Teacher support ($)

    • A premium teacher can now directly add co-teacher to their class


Students belonging to different district (DO NOT ADD to knowledge base)

    • Student accounts are no longer restricted to a district. If a teacher from a different district try to add the student to their class, the student would be added successfully. Only email check is used to identify if the student already exists.

Multiple schools is now supported for SA who are synced through clever

Multiple school support for teachers (DO NOT ADD to knowledge base)

    • Any teacher can now be part of multiple schools

    • These teachers would be required to select the relevant school when they share an assessment at school level

Show solution to teachers while grading -  If a question has solution available with it, the teacher can view this solution when grading the responses


Single assessment report is now available as soon as students submit their assessment response ($)

Admin Self Serve Enhancements ($)

UI updates to admin’s manage school/district page


Invite Teachers by admin


Add Multiple Student by admin


Bulk Add Course by admin


Bulk Update Course & Merge Course by admin


Bulk Update Class by admin


SignUp restriction with domain name - Let’s district admins to restrict the domain name that could be used by any new signup in the district


Admins can now also perform these following actions

    • Edit any class by admin

    • Remove student from a class by admin

    • Create District Admin by DA

    • Edit and deactivate school by admin

    • Specify relevant standards for district by DA

    • Bulk add students to another class

Assessment and Assignment flow changes

Question Bank

    • Sorting option added with - Popularity, Recency, Author name, Likes count


Subject Filters

    • Subject Filter added with subject option i.e. ELA, Science etc.

    • The old subject filter which contains value such as ‘ELA Common Core, Florida ELA renamed to ‘Standard Set.

    • The Subject filter now has ‘All’ as an option

Standard Filter Enhancement

    • By default first 20 standards are shown as a dropdown list.

Searching by the standard name (eg - 7.RP) or standard description (example - addition, multiplication etc) would show relevant standard in the dropdown


Clearing filter

    • Clear all filter in question bank page now actually removes all the selected values and does not default to anything

Assessment Info Panel

    • Assessment summary added as info panel in Question bank page and Review page

    • Panel contains

        • Assessment Name

        • Thumbnail

        • Question Count

        • Total Points

        • Standard wise breakdown of question count and point

        • Question type wise breakdown of question count and points


Easy standard alignment with Question

    • While question authoring users can directly search for a standard and select without opening the popup


    • Previously used 5 standards are show directly so that user don’t need to search for those again


Review page UI updates

    • Reorder question even when passage question is added

    • Remove Multiple questions at a time by selecting multiple checkbox


    •Directly Edit or duplicate question using the buttons available on the question card.

    • Directly edit DOK of your question


Assign Page UI Changes

    • All active classes are directly listed for teachers, no need of filtering


    • UI change to reflect the setting with a switch instead of radio button to focus on the action being a on/off toggle


Clever Enhancements ($)

Course Name vs. Course Name+Number Uniqueness

Sync SA and DA with clever - SA and DA accounts present in clever is now synced and created in Edulastic as well.

Partial sync of clever data

    • Clever district is no longer completely locked down.

    • Teachers can now sign up to clever district as well

    • New non-clever classes can be created

    • Non clever synced students can be added

    • Clever synced district can now use Google Classroom syn or Canvas sync as well

Allow re-sync a class section/school in real time

    • From EA account, any class or school can be re-synced with Clever in case of urgency

Collaboration Group ($)

Admins can now create Collaboration Group for PLC teams



Share Report With Collaboration Group- Teachers can now share reports with the groups present in their district.


Folders Support

Teachers and admins now can see all their assessment in a single view

Filter can be used for filtering assessment based on

    • Grade

    • Subject

    • School Year it was used

    • Classes assigned

Assessment list can be sorted based on last activity or based on name


    • Teachers and Admins can create folders and organize their assessment in different folders

    • User can view all the classes to which the assessment was assigned in a single view


Standard based Grading ($)

Customizable Standard based grading scale


The standard scale would be used to determine the standards based score of student in assignment.


Now the final mastery depends on what is considered under mastery calculation method. Available methods are

    • Most Recent [Default Criteria] - Latest standard score is only used

    • Maximum - Highest standard score

    • Mode - Most frequently achieved score

    • Average - Simple average of standard score achieved by the student in all assignments

    • Decaying Avg

    • Moving Average

    • Power Law

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