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Set District-Wide Standards Proficiency Bands


Proficiency bands allow you to classify students based on their assessment performance. Edulastic assigns proficiency bands to users using cut-scores. The bands and default cut scores are defined at the district level so that performance can be easily compared across assessments, grades or school years. 


To access the Proficiency Bands, District Admins should go to: 

  • Navigate to the Manage District tab
  • Select "Settings"
  • Select "Standards Proficiency"



Mastery Calculation

Levels can be calculated using several methods:

  • Most Recent - displays the most recent assessment's mastery.
  • Max Score - displays highest score.
  • Mode Score - score that appears most often.
  • Simple Average - average of all assessments equally weighted.
  • Decaying Average - puts more weight on the most recent score (admin sets %).
  • Moving Average - helps identify trends over a given number of assessments (admin sets number).
  • Power Law - allows admin to identify proportional correlation between two sets of scores.
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