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I have a paper test I want my students to take. How can I use Edulastic to get data?


There are a few different ways you can go about using a paper test and Edulastic together to get the standards-based reporting our users love.

  1. Snapquiz- SnapQuiz is like a bridge between paper and pencil assignments and digital assignments. It allows you to upload an assessment in PDF form into Edulastic and “add” Edulastic’s digital questions on top of the picture of your assignment.
  2. Answer Only Assessment- This is still a part of Snapquiz, however, you can do an answer only assessment in which all you do is add the correct answers and standards, no uploading necessary. Without using the bubble sheet below, you will need to manually grade the assessment or have students login and input their answers.

To start, find the gray navigation bar and choose Test Next, click the New Test button at the top right of the screen.



Choose Upload PDF under the SnapQuiz option. 


Or, click to Continue With Blank to create an answer only assessment.


Choose the appropriate question type in the bottom right

Select the correct answer, the associated standards, and then click Done.

You can drag the answer # to blank area.






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