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Your Standard Set(s)


Teachers should pre-select needed standard sets so they don’t end up with what appears to be an overwhelming and endless choice of standards.

First, click on your initials (or name) in the bottom left corner. Then, select My Profile. Click the Select Your Standard Sets button in the middle of the page.


Teachers are going to want to use standards sets in a very fluid way. When planning to search for questions and assessments, more standard sets is probably better. Elementary teachers will want to include all needed standard sets for the content they teach: ELA, Math, NGSS, Social Science, etc.


More is better here because it opens up the search parameters in the question bank and library. Notice that the list above matches the list below.



When teachers are ready to author questions themselves, they should plan to return to My Profile and select only the standards currently in use by their state.


This is important because this standard set will become the default when authoring questions.


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