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Winter 18- Spring 19 New Features Added


1. Standards Performance Summary Report

    • Users can compare the performance of students on domains and analyze students' mastery of individual domains.
    • Also, since the report has a ‘Mastery Level’ filter, users can now quickly get a list of students who need additional help in the subject.




2. Add co-author option in the side panel of assessment details

    • Adding co-authors to assessment is a bit easier now with the Add co-author option in the review page itself.
    • Here, users can see the list of co-authors for the assessment and directly add more without having to leave the review page.




3. View previous attempts (Teacher)

    • Teachers now have access to the previous attempts made by students.
    • For individual students, teachers can choose to view any of the previous attempts made by the students.
    • Edulastic now also shows an indicator in the student centric view of teachers which gives the information on the score improvement made by the student in the current attempt as compared to the previous attempt.




4. View previous attempts (Student)

    • The same option of viewing previous attempts is available for students.





5. Redirect Superpowers

    • For redirecting an assignment, a new set of superpowers are now being shown to the users.
    • Users can choose to show/hide previous attempts made by the students when the students are attempting the redirected version.
    • Users can also choose to show/hide the feedback given by them on individual questions when the students are attempting the redirected version.

Please refer to this article regarding the new redirect features.


6. Show feedback for last attempt for students

    • While attempting an assignment which has been redirected, student are now shown their previous score, feedback and an indicator representing if the attempt was correct/incorrect/partially correct. (Free users remain seeing just previous responses)





 7. Multi-School, School Admin from UI

    • District Admins can now directly add School Admins to multiple schools from the manage district tab.
    • Already added School Admins could also be edited to add/remove school access.





8. Self-Delete for users

    • Now, any teacher can delete their account on their own by visiting their profile page and choosing the delete option.

Please refer to this article for the steps to delete an account.

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