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Fix an Error and Regrade


What can be done when you discover an incorrect answer?

We offer users (teachers and admins) the ability to modify and regrade an assessment that has already been assigned.  Here are the steps:

Start on the Assignments page.  Select the test, go to the Actions drop down box and select Edit and Regrade.



If the test is live, this will prompt a confirmation screen that you are modifying an assigned test.


Proceeding will take you to the Review screen of the assessment and you can:

1) Change the point value.

2) Edit a question you authored. If you need to make a change to a question that you did not author, you will need to duplicate the question and edit it, then delete the original. 

3) Add or delete questions.  Go to the Add Items.

Once the changes have been made, select Regrade.


The last step gives you options for updating the point value and choosing whether you want to automatically regrade all submitted tests, or manually grade. 

Once you have made the selections, choose Publish and Regrade.  This action will roll out the changes to all submitted assessments as well as those that have not yet been opened. 

If students are currently taking the test, the rescoring will take effect after the student has submitted.  In this case, it may be necessary to redirect a modified test to those students who were in progress while the Fix and Regrade process was enacted.




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