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Fixing an Error and Regrading


What can be done when you discover an incorrect answer?

Our long term goal is to allow users to fix question errors and have the system update the appropriate scores and grading reports. This fix, however, requires some rather complex engineering work and is on-going.

In the meantime, we offer users the ability to disregard a question and update the point value of existing questions within an assessment. The changes will then apply to the grades and associated reports of this assessment.

To disregard a question, click on Assessments, and then hover over the three blue dots on the right. From the Action drop down menu, select Fix Error and Regrade at the bottom.


(1) Select the question(s) that you wish to disregard.

NOTE: By disregarding a question, you are essentially changing the total point value of the assessment. Some users might want to increase the point value of another question to make up for this change.

(2) Click Omit from Grading.

(3) Click Confirm and Regrade.

In the dialogue box that pops up, type Confirm.


(Also note: Students WILL see the question. Teachers WILL see the data generated by the question. However, the question WILL NOT be included in the scores for the students.) 




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