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Unassign an Assessment


Issue:  I accidentally assigned the wrong assessment or I made a mistake, how do I delete my assessment?

Solution: Use the "Unassign"  action on Assessments Tab or Admin Dashboard


Please note: Unassigning an assessment where there is student data will DELETE that data!!


Unassigning an assessment is different than deleting an assessment.  Unassign removes the open assessment from student dashboard, or prevents it from being accessed by the student.  


TEACHERS:  you must unassign a test for each class using the Live Class Board. 

ADMINS: Bulk unassign for common assessments is available.  Jump to this article for instructions.   


To unassign:

Click the Assignments tab in the main menu.

Click on the name of the test, then click on the Live Class Board icon for a class.



On the Live Class Board, go to the More "dots" in the top right corner. Choose "Unassign ALL Students."




Confirm that you want to unassign by typing the word UNASSIGN. Click YES, UNASSIGN.


You will receive a second confirmation box.  Select "Yes, Unassign" again.

The assessment will be removed from your assessment list as well as teachers and students who were assigned the assessment, and any student data attached to this assignment will be lost.




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