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How Can I Check if My Student has Multiple Accounts?


If you have assigned an assessment and a student cannot see that assessment, it is possible that they have more than one account and have signed into the wrong one.

Here are the things that you can do to check:

(All of this done in comparison to your class lists. You'll want to check your class names and the list of students in each class.) 



1. Check the student email address
(Obviously, this will not work if the student doesn't have an account with an email address. As above, it is First Initial Last Name Four Numbers.)

Have your student click on profile (bottom left corner).

Does the email listed match the one in your class?


2. Check their class list

Have your student check their list of classes by clicking on Manage Class.

Do they have your class listed? Does the name match exactly?

6th Period - Chem - 18-19 and 6th Period - Chem are not the same class!


3. Ask your administrator to check the list of student users.

JMichelle1234 is on our roster (see above).

Notice that JMichelle7155 also exists.


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