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Students signed up as teachers (to cheat)


If your student signed up as a teacher by mistake, here is the help article about what to do.

This article is about managing users as an admin. 

This article is about your options when students are signing up as teachers so that they can cheat.

We have three options for ways to prevent this: 

Option 1: Direct Student Information System (SIS) integration via Clever. This option prevents teachers or students from signing up on their own. Instead accounts will be created based on SIS data and role. 

Option 2: Invite approved teachers only. If District SIS integration is not possible, admins can control who gets access by disabling teacher's ability to sign up on their own. Admin can add teachers and invite multiple teachers at once to use Edulastic. This way only approved teachers get access to Edulastic.

In Enterprise districts, District admin accounts are created when you sign up.
In free districts, please contact us about creating a free admin account so that you can better control this issue. 
*Note: This setting will affect the whole district and not just your school or account. This means that other teachers who want to try Edulastic will not be able to access an account unless you manually invite them.

Option 3: Email authentication. Districts can control access to only certain email domains. For example, only those users with email can create accounts. You must further mandate Google or MS Office 365 authentication to secure access. This way no student can create a fake account with a teacher email (or if they do, they will be caught). This option can be made even more secure, if teachers have a different email domain from students (e.g. used only for teacher emails).  


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