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FAQ’s: February/March 2019 Highlights


We are always listening to user feedback and working hard to make Edulastic the best it can be. Therefore, we want to give some extra support on the following items that came up the most in February and March:

Redirect allows you reopen an assessment or give students a second chance.
Watch the YouTube video or read the Help Article for more information.


Student signed up as teacher.
If this was by mistake, read the Help Article for more information.
If students are doing this on purpose, so as to cheat, read the Help Article for more information.


Students can’t see the test that I just assigned them.
There are usually two reasons why students cannot see an assigned assessment: 

  • It is not open (read the Help Article for more information.)
  • Students have logged in using the wrong account. (Read the Help Article on how to check).

Reports are not populating.
If an assessment is “In Progress” or “In Grading” then only some of the reports will contain data.
Once an assessment is marked Done, it will populate the reports with data.
Read the Help Article to find out what to do when an assessment is “In Grading”.


Edulastic Youtube Channel Update:

  1. Troubleshooting: I Can’t Share my Assessment
  2. Accessing Help Resources
  3. Update an Assessment


New Feature Update: Manual Entry of Response or Scores

 We now offer the ability to change a student’s response in Multiple Choice, Multiple Select, and single box Text Entry question types.

The help article is here.

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