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Signing Up as a Premium or Enterprise Teacher



To login go to or if you have been given a custom url by your district, you can start there.  

Previously registered users, or users whose district has already set up their teacher account, can sign in directly using one of the options below.  This will take you to your dashboard.

New users select “Sign Up” in the top right corner.


  • If you are new, follow the prompts to sign up for a Teacher Account.  (Note: the screen says “Create your Free Account” but this screen applies to enterprise, premium or free subscribers.)

  • If you use google accounts through your school district you can select “Sign in with Google” for the ease of single sign on.

  • The next screens will prompt you to select your school, subject, grades and standard sets.  The standard sets will ensure that your default standards on classes, assignments and searches will match those you use regularly.

  • If you teach more than one subject or grades, you only need to include one.  You will be able to create multiple classes at a later step.mceclip2.png

If your district or school has an Enterprise account, or you have purchased a teacher premium account, you will be automatically signed in with the premium or enterprise features. 

In the bottom left corner of the screen, you will see your name. Click on it and scroll up to Subscription.



Your next step is to click the last icon in the gray area (Manage Class) and create a class.


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