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IP filter for enhanced assessment security


This feature is a premium feature.

Highly secure, formal assessments are often administered in schools in a proctored classroom environment to ensure that students can be visually monitored while they take the assessment. Unlike a paper based test, Edulastic assessments can be taken anywhere where online access is possible. Potentially students can cheat in an assessment by opening the test in an unsecured environment such as home.  

The IP filter ensures that students can only take the assessment from certain authorized locations and not from home or library where they could get extra assistance. IP addresses identify the network locations which are authorized for highly secure tests. The IP address feature is meant to be used for highly secure tests and hence you must use it in conjunction with Dynamic Password.  This feature is available to our District Enterprise clients only.

District IP setting:  The first step to take advantage of IP filter is to create a range of IP addresses corresponding to your school environment. You can enter wild card OR a range of IP addresses. You can also enter multiple IP ranges using a comma separated list. 


Set password for assessment: The IP filtering is done for ONLY those assessments that require password. Thus you could use Edulastic for practice assessments or other low stake tests that students could take from home. 

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