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Google Hangouts Meet within Edulastic


***Please note that you might need to contact your district Google administrator to enable Google Hangout Meet for your accounts.


To help learning continue when schools are closed, Edulastic is committed to supporting educators with distance learning. To that end, we thought that one of the tools that you might like to have in your tool box would be the ability to interact with your students in real time. 

Google Hangouts Meet is a video-conference platform that lets students and teachers interact remotely. It's a solid choice for teach at home situations. Google Hangouts Meet is now integrated with Edulastic.

Once the Google Hangouts Meet  is open, teachers and students will be able to live conference and can send chat messages to the whole group. 

Steps to use Google Hangouts Meet:

  1. Announce the video class time: Please use Google classroom or LMS or email to announce the video class time. Students can join your video class by simply going to Manage Class, selecting the class and clicking the "Join Video Class" button. 
  2. Launch video class: When you are ready to start the video class, teachers should navigate to the Manage Class tab, select the appropriate class, and then launch the Google Hangouts Meet session. Screen_Shot_2020-03-19_at_3_33_09_PM.png
    Google hangouts meet requires you to have a Google account (ideally Google Apps for Education from your school or district). If you are using the Google Hangouts Meet for the first time, a consent screen will be displayed. You need to allow Edulastic to use your calendar and create a Google Hangouts Meet event.
  3. Turn on Microphone (camera is optional): Next ensure your microphone and video are turned on (you may wish to turn off the video). Since you are leading the session, please select "Present" button. This would allow you to share your screen to the students joining the class.mceclip0.png
  4. Share your screen: Next share your screen or application. The students now can hear you as well as see your screen. mceclip2.png
  5. Present: You can open Google slides, Edulastic, Google docs, sheet or any other application screen that you wish to present to students. If you are presenting or discussing assessment results with students, please use the "Present Mode" to maintain student anonymity. 


Instruction for students:

Only students enrolled in your class can see the video class link when they go to Manage Class section in Edulastic. Instruct students to click on the "Join Video Class" link. 


Students click on "Join Now" to join the video class.





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