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Timed Assignments


Teachers can set a time limit for students taking an assessment in Edulastic.  This is a premium feature that is available at no charge to all users between now and July 1, 2020. (Please note the ability to enable timed assignments is not currently available in SnapQuiz PDF generated assignments. We will be adding this in the near future and will update this article accordingly, once released.)

To turn on Timed Assessment, in the Assignment screen select "On" and adjust the amount of time allowed.


The time can be modified in one minute increments.  When the time limit is reached, students will be locked out of the assessment. 

If the student begins an assessment and exits with time remaining, the timer will start up where the student left off to ensure that the student does not go over the allotted time.

When the students sign in, they will see a timer on the assessments that are timed. 


When selecting "Start Assignment", the students will see an alert to confirm they are ready to begin a timed assessment:


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