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Google Classroom: Nothing Happens When I Click Sync with Google Classroom (Chrome Browser)


This article addresses the issue where clicking on the Sync with Google Classroom button does not work.  It either:

1. Doesn't do anything at all

2. It gives you the option to sign in to your account but nothing beyond that

Please follow the steps below to solve your Google Classroom issue.


1. Begin by clicking the lock icon next to the web address. Be sure that both the boxed items are on allow. 


2. Next, go to the far right of the web address bar and click on the first box. From there, make sure box two is on, and then select the option in the third box.


3. The following screen will appear. Choose the boxed area titled "Blocked". 


4. Choose the very first option that appears with Google in the name, in the image below, appears first. Click Allow. Choose the next option with Google in the name and click allow. Follow these steps for all of the Google options. Then, choose done.


5. Reload to refresh the page to allow Edulastic to have all of the cookies.Screen_Shot_2020-04-01_at_3.16.09_PM.png

6. Click Sync with Google Classroom and sync your classes.

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