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Create Questions in the Item Bank


We have put together a Technology Enhanced Showcase on our blog to help you author Common Core-aligned formative assessments with our unique question types. 

*To learn more about TEIs or tutorials on how to build them, please read "What is a Technology-Enhanced Item?"


The Item Bank, formerly called the Question Bank, is where you can find existing questions or create your own.  

To create your own question, select Item Bank from the navigation menu, then select New Item.


This will bring up an array of question types for you to choose from.  We have more than 50 types of questions that you can build in Edulastic.  This makes it easy to select the format your students will see on state assessments or other high stakes benchmarks.

For example, you will notice there are 6 kinds of multiple choice formatted questions.


 Click on the format desired, then follow the prompts for building your question.


In each question "widget" you will find a brief video tutorial that instructs you on building that question type. 

Once you have entered the question, answer choices, and correct answer for your question, you can preview it using the Preview tab at the top.  

Finally, the Metadata tab is where you will add the standards, depth of knowledge and other descriptors.  

When complete, select Save in the top right corner, to publish your item to the Item Bank.



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