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Options for Assigning an Assessment


1. When you create an assessment, you can assign your new assessment right away or save it for later (finding it again under Assignments). Click on the assessment, then click Assign.



2. To assign to an entire class or multiple classes, click in the CLASS/GROUP SECTION field to Select one or more classes to take the assessment.


Or, you can choose to assign the assessment to specific students. Click the SPECIFIC STUDENT button, select a class as above, and then click in the STUDENT field to select them.




3.  Select when you want the assignment to be available for students to take by inputting the start date, due date, and close date. Choosing USE OPEN AND CLOSE DATE makes the due date and close date the same.




Choosing USE OPEN, DUE AND CLOSE DATE publishes a due date for students, but allows for late submissions before the assessment fully closes.



4. OPEN and CLOSE policies

Open Manually: Allows the teacher to assign the assessment now but give access to classes when they are ready.

Close Manually: Allows the teacher to keep the assessment open until all students finish the assessment. This does not affect reports or data.


You may choose to open and close either automatically or manually. Both choices are available for both functions.


4. Select Test Type:  Class Assessment or Practice Assessment


A Class Assessment is a graded assessment, with assessment results moving to a destination gradebook.  A Practice Assessment is an ungraded assessment, with no grades being recorded. This option is appropriate for both practice tests and instruction-only assignments and tasks.

5.  You can then configure Test Settings such as releasing of scores, automatic redirect (number of tries), shuffle questions, show calculator, passwords, and timer settings.



6. Select your desired Performance Band and Mastery Criteria for this assessment.


7. Finally, under SHOW ADVANCED OPTIONS, select desired Accessibility tools and the STUDENT PLAYER SKIN. The Student Player Skin allows you to present an assessment to students that mimics the appearance of several different high-stakes summative assessment types.


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