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How can a student join multiple class periods?



Please note: students should not do this if their teacher is using Google Classroom or Canvas to sync. Also, students should not do this if the district or school is synced with Clever. The result will be multiple accounts for the same student. 

After a student creates their account with the first Class Code provided by a teacher, they can join additional class periods in their school or district directly in their own account. 


1. Students can begin the process of joining a new class by either: (1) clicking the "+ Join Class" button on the Dashboard or (2) navigating to Manage Class and clicking on the + Join Class button.


2. A box will appear (see the image below) prompting them to "Enter Class Code." Here, they insert the new 5-digit code of the class—clicking "Join Class" to finish.


3. The new class will instantly appear. They can check that the class information, such as: Instructor, Grade, and Subject Area are correct (to make sure they've joined the right class).


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