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Student Groups


Student groups have two different very important functions.


As a Reports Filter

***For this method to work, you need to continue assigning to your classes (not groups) as normal. Only the Reports tab is affected by groups, not the Live Class Board. ***

Student Groups will allow you to see a certain group of students on assessments regardless of the class they took the assessment in. This means, that you could have a group (Group A) full of students from Period 1, Period 2, and Period 3. You could then choose to filter the data by any of the classes or filter by Group A to see data across certain students in each of those three periods; maybe a remediation group. 

This method will allow you to move students from one group to the next and, as long as they took the test, the data will follow them from one group to the next.


As a Class for Assigning

***Assigning to a group works exactly like a class. The results will NOT follow the student in the Live Class Board as they move from one group to the next.***

Student Groups will allow you to assign to specific groups of students. This is great for creating performance level groups if you are providing levelled assessments and want to assign certain assessments to certain levels. Student groups are also useful for IEP groups of students vs non-IEP groups of students, especially for admin assigned common assessment. In this method, this group is essentially just another class that allows you to quickly mix your students from same/different classes.


How to Create Student Groups

1. First, go to the Manage Class tab in the gray navigation bar.


2. Then, choose the class you have students in that you want to move to a group.


3. Next, select the students from the class.


4. Now, choose actions and + Add To Group.


At this point, either choose "Select group" if you already created a group or "+ Add New" if you need to create a group.


Finally, fill out the details, click save and then follow the same steps to add more groups or add more students to groups.


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