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How do I search for students in my school and enroll them in my class?


The following video will show you where to access the "Search Existing Student and Add" feature through the 30-second mark.

First, click on the Manage Class button on the left side toolbar. Navigate to the class section where the student should be moved TO. Click on the "Add Multiple Students" button:


Next, click on "Search Existing Student and Add" option. You'll be prompted to search for the student. You can search by student's name/email. Once you do that, you'll see the students matching the search term you have entered



Select and click on all the students that you need to add to your class. Next click on the "Yes, Add to Class" button. 



 You will receive a message stating that existing students have been added to your class.

The student will remain in the original class until the teacher removes the student.  To remove, go to the class the student should be removed from, select the student to be removed, go to Actions, Remove Student.



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