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Authoring a Multiple Choice Question


A Multiple Choice Question requires you to choose an answer from the options provided. Listed below are three kinds of Multiple Choice questions:

Multiple Choice - Standard


Multiple Choice - Multiple Response


Multiple Choice - Block Layout


Creating a Multiple Choice Item


To create a Multiple Choice question:

1. Under the Select A Type column on the left side of the screen, choose the Multiple Choice option and select Multiple choice - standard.


2. In the Edit Mode tab, enter the question in the question text field. You can also insert an image or embed multimedia content here.


3. Also displayed in the above screenshot, is how you should enter the answer choices in the Multiple Choice Options field. To add additional choices, click on Add New Choice. You may use images, expressions or text in the answer choice boxes as well.

4. To change the position of the answer choice box, click on the icon on the left side of the box and drag it downward or upward to the desired position.



5. Select the correct answer key.



If you wish to set more than one correct response for the question, you can check the box next to the Multiple Responses option. You can then select more than one correct choices. 



Note: Alternatively, you can set your question to allow multiple choices, by selecting Multiple choice - multiple response as the question type under the Multiple Choice menu.


You may also add an alternate answer if you select +Alternative Answer on the right side of the listed options. The point(s) you want to award for the correct answer can be set by entering it in the box next to the Points option.





You may choose one of three display styles for your question: Standard, Block, and Choice Option Below.

 If you select Standard as the display style, the student will view the options as shown below.



If you select Block as the display style, the student will view the options as shown below.


Note: Alternatively, you can set your question's answer choices to be displayed in the block design, by selecting Multiple Choice - Block Layout as the question type under the Multiple Choice menu.


If you select Choice Option Below as the display style, the student will view the options as shown below.





 Preview Mode

The Preview Mode tab can be used to preview the question. You can select a response and then click Check Answer to verify whether your response is correct or incorrect.



Clicking on Show Answer shows you the correct response to the question.


These selections can be cleared using the Clear option, and once again, the question will be displayed with no responses selected.


Setting Standards for the Question


To set standards for your question, navigate to the Meta Data tab of your item. In the Search Standard(s) field, you can either enter the codes of the standards you want to set, or you can use Browse and pick standards from the options displayed.



To choose the standards, check the boxes next to them and then click Apply to confirm your selection(s). The selected standards will then be associated with your question.



On the Meta Data tab, you will also find the options to choose the Subject, Depth of Knowledge, Difficulty Level, and to add appropriate tags to your question.




Under the Solution section, you can enter Distractor Rationale for incorrect answers. You may explain why the selected distractors are appropriate responses, or mention why they misled the student, facilitating a better understanding of student learning. In the columns below,  you can provide an explanation in the form of a sample answer, and a hint for the problem to help the student arrive at the correct response to the question. 



Once you have finished making all the desired changes to the question, click the Save button on the upper right side to save the question.140.png

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