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Switch Account Feature


In Edulastic, certain functions are restricted to certain roles.  For example, a district admin can not create a class, sync a roster, and assign class assignments.   However, given that many educators straddle more than one role, you can use Switch Account to accomplish tasks for additional roles using the same username (or email address).

This feature also works for:

(1) Department leads or coaches who are responsible for school or district-wide benchmarks and data in addition to classroom duties.

(2) Edulastic training workshops where teachers can be assigned student roles or  a "fake" teacher role to demo how to use Edulastic.

(3) Teachers who want to set up a student account to see what assignments, score reports, etc look like for a student.


Let's look at a district admin account to demonstrate how Switch Account works:.

The first time you do this, another account will need to be created. Do this by either signing up as a teacher in your district from the edulastic home page, or if the district settings prevent that, an admin can set up school admin, teacher or student accounts for other users.  

Then, click  on the username profile icon at the bottom left corner of the page.  Next, select Add Account.


This will take you to the sign in screen where you add your username and password.  You will only do this the first time you add a new role.


Once you have added the role, you can simultaneously toggle between the two or more roles.  

You will notice now, it no longer says Add Role, instead you are prompted to Switch Roles in the profile section. 

After you have set up one or more roles, when you select Switch Roles, you can choose Add Another Account at the bottom.


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