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How do Playlists Work?


Playlist is a premium feature.  Playlists help you to organize groups of assessments, like super folders.  Teachers or admins can build, assign, or share a playlist.

Playlists: How to Use, Build, and Share

With Playlists, you can build and share the assignments that are aligned to your curriculum paths.  Any teacher or admin can create a playlist and group assessments by modules and even units.  

Playlists can be developed with existing assessments in the library, with your own custom created assessments or a combination of both.  What’s more, you can share your Playlist with other teachers in your school, district, etc. 

There are two parts to Playlists:

  • Using playlists that have been shared with you
  • Building your own playlists

Use a Playlist that has been Shared with You: 

When a playlist has been shared with you, it can be found in your Playlist Library.  Click on Playlist Library, then Shared with Me.  

Select Shared with Me and click on one of the Playlist “cards.”


Next select Use This button to assign.  



You can assign one or more modules to your classes.

In the top right corner, you can share the playlist with others (share icon), and allow others to follow the progress of your classes by sharing the playlist with colleagues.


The Insights tab, lets you track your students’ progress and aptitude on the one or more modules and the standards associated. skitch__88_.png

Build a Playlist: 

The first step in building a playlist is to have published assessments that you will add to the playlist.   If you are creating a new playlist composed of original assessments, build the assessments first (see instructions above).

Next, go to the Playlist Library and in the top right corner, select New Playlist.

Fill out the summary data, then select the tab Add Tests.  skitch__89_.png

To start building, select Manage Modules.  


Think of a module as a chapter, unit, or section within the “course” or playlist.   You can add several tests to each module.  So, in an example from ELA, take the text To Kill a Mockingbird.  Module 1, might be named Chapter 1,  and it could have  3 assessments in it:   

Module 1: 

  • Chapter 1 Quiz 
  • Chapter 1 Vocab
  • Chapter 1 Short Answer 

Module 2 would have Chapter 2 Quiz, Chapter 2 Vocab, and Chapter 2 Short Answer, and so on for each chapter. 

Fill out the details for each module, select Add Module to make a new one.  Select Done when you are finished. 

Next, select an assessment to add to the playlist.  


When you are finished adding tests to modules, Review your playlist.  If you need to adjust the order, click on the three horizontal lines and drag to the new location.

The last step is to add the Settings.  If you choose to allow customization, anyone who uses the playlist can modify the playlist.  The alternative is to lock down the playlist and not allow users to re-arrange the order, add or delete tests or modules.  

When the playlist is complete, publish, share, or assign it.  


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