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Typing LaTex as part of the solutions


LaTeX format can be used to input the mathematical in the question text or expected answer. This is particularly useful when using expressions such as fractions  ½ which is \frac{1}{2}, square roots e.g. \sqrt{5}, \exp and special symbols such as \$ and  \pi   

If you use the symbolic keypads in Edulastic then whatever you type will automatically convert to Latex as an internal representation used for evaluation purposes.

For example, type in slash followed by the letters "sqrt"  like this:


Then press Enter or Right Arrow and your input will be transformed into the square root symbol:



More Latex examples

Edulastic does not support every possible Latex construct in the mathematical evaluation, so it's possible you may find some strange behaviors for example if you try to use some advanced calculus styling. If this is the case, please contact Edulastic support as we are regularly adding new capabilities in the roadmap.

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