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Graphing Question Types


The following six graphing types are supported:





The top left option Graphing covers all use cases, but there are specific reduced functionality that makes it easier to create more specific questions.

The Graphing in the 1st quadrant refers to the case of x and y > 0, but otherwise the features are the same as "Graphing".

Graph Placement is used for questions in which the students have to drag and place the given items in the graph. These are a special form of the highlight image question type. In this case, the background is a graph and can contain graphical objects that are created as part of the question.

Range Plotter  is for questions in which the students need to plot a section of the number line, e.g. x <= 4


Number line with drag-drop can be used where the student needs to drop a label on the number line, e.g. drop the points 1 and 3 on the number line:


In the Fraction question type the students need to select the parts of a shape that correspond to that fraction, e.g. 1/7th of a circle.


Alternatively, rectangles can be used:



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